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Our technology is based on the decomposition of hydrocarbons driven by a self-regulated low-voltage contact arc-discharge in liquid phase, LSA (Liquid-phase Self-regulated Arc).

The arc discharge is a core process for producing well-graphitised short MWNTs and SWNTs

So far, we have produced the nanotubes using a very wide range of hydrocarbon liquids, including pure multi-solvents, like benzene, toluene, chlorobenzene, hexane, pentane, cyclohexane, acetone, methanol, ethanol, paraldehyde, and mixtures of thereof, mixtures of some of the hydrocarbons (acetone, methanol, ethanol, etc) with distilled water, and natural & industrial hydrocarbons, like petrol, diesel, vegetable oils, naphtenates, etc

The unique geometry of our 3 kW-apparatus (Fig.1) produces ~30 g/hour of high-quality nanotube deposits (Fig.2) consuming just 100 kW-hour of electric energy per 1 kg of the deposit produced. This is in 5-10 times less than in a conventional gas-phase arc-discharge nanotube production

The production rate can be increase by increasing the power energy source.

The process is safe and Environmentally friendly, it is reliable and reproducible, it is flexible and highly scalable .

Furthermore our unique technology gives us the flexibility to increase the production of carbon nanotubes at any desired level in a very short notice.


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