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The company is successfully managed by a young and dynamic management team

Advisory Committee


Elias Stephanakos - PhD, PE
Elias has joined the advisory committee of Rosseter as a scientific advisor. He is presently a director of the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) at the mulberry factory shop University of South Florida, (USF).
He has published over 120 research papers in the areas of electronic materials, photovoltaic, hydrogen and fuel cells, and electric and hybrid vehicles.
He has received over $15 million in contracts and grants from agencies such as, National Science Foundation (NSF), US Department of Energy (USDOE), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and others.  He has been a consultant to a number of companies and international organizations such as, TRW, Rockwell International, World Bank, National Centre for Scientific Research (Greece), and others

Contact: Elias@e-nanoscience.com


Wilmont F. Howard - PhD
Rick has joined the advisory committee of Rosseter as a lithium batteries market development advisor.
In the last two years he has been a consultant to the battery and chemical industries for product development, processes, and program design, patent discount mulberry alexa bags reviews, document preparation and editing.
Rick has published over 30 scientific papers in refereed journals, he has 6 patents issued and 3 pending, on cathodes for lithium rechargeable and alkaline batteries, and presented over 50 technical presentations at regional, national, and international conferences He has been a reviewer for J. Electrochemical Society, J. Applied Electrochemistry, and other journals

Contact: Rick@e-nanoscience.com


Andreas Drakos - BA
Andreas has joined the advisory committee of Rosseter as a business development advisor. He studied accounting and business in the UK and is a member of the British Institute of Management.
He is the Chief Executive discount mulberry alexa bags Officer of Libra Holidays Group Ltd since 1996. He started his career as an Auditor and established many companies including Priceright Holidays in 1981 (sold out to MBI in 1988).
He set up Options Cassoulides Ltd in 1990, a company involved in congresses & incentive travel and printing/publishing, and listed it in the Cyprus Stock Exchange in 1997. He is currently a non-executive Vice Chairman of the company.
Through Libraŗ°£quisitions, a director of D.H. Cyprotels Ltd, also listed in the CSE. At present, he is also the Executive Chairman of Helios Airways Ltd, Non-Executive Director of Excel Aviation Ltd, Excel Airways Ltd and Excel Airways Group Plc.

Contact: a.drakou@e-nanoscience.com


Board of Directors


Dr. David Tománek - Chairman
A leading scientist in the field of nanotechnology, has recently joined
the board of Directors and has been elected Chairman.   read more...

Contact: tomanek@e-nanoscience.com


Maria Xenophontos-Ioannou - BSc ACA - Managing Director
The founder of the company, Maria has devoted her time exclusively to the development of the company following a successful career in Financial Management Projects.

Contact: xemaria@e-nanoscience.com

Dr Vladislav A.Ryzhkov - MSc PhD - Research and Development Director Vladislav has served as a senior researcher mulberry factory shop in the Nuclear Physics Institute of Tomsk, Russia. He is the author of numerous publications and received several awards for professional excellence.

Contact: slava@e-nanoscience.com

Polis Xenophontos - BSc FCA - Finance Director
Polis has had a highly successful professional career as an advisor in the financial and accounting fields.

Contact: Polis@e-nanoscience.com


Penelope Salmons - Director & General Manager of USA operations
Penelope Salmons leverages over twenty-five years of consulting experience in Capital Markets, Bioinformatics, Healthcare and High Techt helping clients transform their businesses by monetizing their assets, identifying their intellectual capital; differentiating their core business and devising an effective roadmap to success. She held executive leadership positions for sixteen years with IBM. Following IBM she joined InforMax as a Sr.Director and then Managing Director with ITF Global Partners. She was the top performer during several consecutive years receiving many awards among them the 1987 Director of IBM Engineering.

Contact: PenelopeS@e-nanoscience.com


Tony Antoniou - BSc - Director
Tony currently holds the position of Senior Vice President Operations Europe, based out of Brussels for an International Marketing Information corporation. He is a London University Graduate with a BSc (honours) in Biological Sciences and a post Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences. Prior to making a career in Marketing Information, he worked in the field of Genetic Engineering and later in Computing and Information Technology.

Contact: Antonis@e-nanoscience.com

Antonis Ioannou - BSc, MSc, CEng, MIStructE - Director
Antonis graduated in 1977 from University College London University with a BSc (honors) degree in Civil Engineering and in 1978 from City University with a MSc in Engineering. In 1983 he became a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers.

Contact: Antonis@e-nanoscience.com

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