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Rosseter Holdings Limited is a company that specialises in large-scale production of Carbon Nanotubes and related materials. Research and Development Activities are focused on methods and innovative processes of production as well as the development of the product for use in certain applications like electron emission, hydrogen absorption etc.

Carbon Nanotubes is the newly discovered "dream" material on which the emerging 21st century Nanotechnology is founded. The ever-growing need for super strong, super efficient materials, makes Carbon Nanotubes the most sought after material today. The impact of Carbon Nanotubes on efforts to save energy, combat global warming and protect the environment will be significant.

Rosseter holdings Limited
was established in 1998 uniting the entrepreneurial abilities of its founder, Mrs M. Xenophontos-Ioannou and the extensive scientific research experience of Dr. Vladislav Ryzhkov.

Since Rosseter's incorporation the Research and Development of its breakthrough method of bulk production of Carbon Nanotubes at a non-prohibitive price has been completed. The Company is now commercialising and selling from its production centre.

Rosseter Holdings Limited
has filed the relevant patent applications and protections with leading UK patent legal advisors.

The Company's Head Offices are situated in Limassol, the business and economic centre of Cyprus - a geographically strategic position at the cross-roads of three continents.


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