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Dr. David Tománek - Chairman

Dr. Tománek, as Professor of Physics at a major U.S. University, has pioneered the use of computers to model quantum phenomena that give rise to the unique behavior of nanostructures. While he is best known for his work in fullerenes and nanotubes, he also worked on metallic clusters and surfaces, addressing their unique structural, electronic, optical and magnetic properties using methods of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. He authored or co-authored more than 150 scholarly publications in refereed journals and holds several patents related to nanotechnology. During the past ten years, he presented over 70 invited and keynote lectures at international conferences.

He is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Materials Science forum, the American and Swiss Physical Society, and an Executive Committee member of the Fullerenes Group of the Electrochemical Society. A firm believer in the unparalleled benefits of communication within the scientific community, he organized or co-organized several International Cluster Workshops (ICW'91, ICW'92, ICW'93), Nanotube conferences (NT'99, NT'01, NT'02), and Quantum Transport conferences (QTSM'02/QFS'02). To help bridge the gap between Academia, Industry and Finance, he also initiated two nanotechnology consulting companies.Reaching out to the upcoming generation of scientists, Dr. Tománek presented focussed courses and lectures on Nanotechnology at leading Universities in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He also initiated and currently maintains The Nanotube Site at http://www.pa.msu.edu/cmp/csc/nanotube.html that connects the nanotube community on the web. The URL of his home page is http://www.pa.msu.edu/~tomanek.

Quote from Dr. Tománek:
"Nanotechnology is just a new word for the point of convergence between Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Engineering. Following decade long developments in these research areas, scientists begin not only to understand the intricate self-assembly processes in Nature, but for the first time are called to participate in the work of Creation on this fundamental level."

Contact: tomanek@e-nanoscience.com



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